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A child and a criminal are escaping together: the whole world believes that she is object of an abduction. Both are alone, they will find the importance of friendship.


EVA is 40 years old, she’s a stressed mother with no money and she’s travelling to Tuscany, along with her daughter.She is going to meet a father who hasn’t seen for twenty years.
HANI is a 19 years old second generation of immigrant from Tunisian origins who lives in Genova's suburbs, he likes listens to rap music and messing around with his friend Ayoub with whom he will rob a shop. ILARIA is a 26 years old tough and social climber journalist from Milan, looking for a front line news.
ADRIANO is a 45 years old police commissioner who spends more time working that with his family, Adriano is scared of the world and of its cruelty, what he saw during his career as policeman made him to distrust of the whole world, the only way he knows to protect his family from violence is keep working as long as he can. HORACE is a 75 years old painter who lives in Tuscany since 1970 since he had left England, when he arrived at Volterra for the first time, he quickly realised that this land would have been his home. Forever.
NINA is an 8 years old skinny girl who doesn’t speak much as adult’s world is too boring and stupid for her while child’s world is too simple to take part. Nina knows that there must be something beyond the surface and she intends to find it. Genova: Nina, a seven year-old child, fatherless who is sleeping in the back of her granfather's

van under a blanket while HORACE, her granfather, stopped at a gas station and is paying. Nina's mother, EVE, is travelling to MILAN for a job interview. ADRIANO is inspecting a dead body on scene crime meanwhile ILARIA is waiting outside under the rain to catch from him some hot news. In Genova, HANI has just escaped from the robbery and still a van in gas station to keep escaping from the police, the van belongs to Horace with the young Nina inside asleep under a blanket, as soon as HORACE discovers that the van has been stolen with Nina inside he gets a stroke. When Hani realizes the girl’s on the backseat he tries to get rid of her. As long as the story goes on the connection between the criminal and the child gets deeper, and the two characters start to develop a relationship. Meanwhile, after some time of unconsciousness and not able to communicate properly what has happened to Nina so Adriano starts his personal hunting toward Hani, that now is considered a kidnapper, murderer, armed and dangerous. The press also begins to take interest in the case, and ILARIA looks by all means how to make a headline news. Eve, contacted by the police, returns back to Genova, to find her children. But the van is far away, deep in the south of Italy.



Director’s statement

The sight of a spotless girl

The ability to see the world with curiosity, to look around without prejudices. Nina is pure and is able to see people and the world for what they truly are. Her gaze is clear and not corrupted yet from her experiences and from the time. Hani will rediscover through Nina a new glance of the world as she sees things in a way that nobody can, seeing inside people. This allows her to dream, to constantly merge dreams and reality. Her “dreamy-full-of-poetry-sight” is one of the visual characteristics of the movie.

A soul's journey

This is the story of a journey, It’s the journey of Hani, a young criminal that discovers again the beauty of life: Hany begins as a selfish character, and he will end protecting and saving the Nina's life. It’s also the journey of a young brave girl and her coming-of-age of adults world.

An Uncivilized world

Most of the bad attitudes are identified with the technological and violent City, where poverty is the antechamber of crime and ignorance (Hani lives in a city slum). Good behaviours comes from a world almost forgotten, a wild and natural world where life is lighter and becomes more real, where following natural rhythms is still possible. The journey that Nina and Hani will be through magnificent natural scenarios and ruined towns, while the two characters are running away, far from civilization becomes deeper and deeper. As deep become the journey as deeper and stronger become their relations, the wild journey will teach both of them how to face their fears and how valuable are small and normal things.


The young Republic

There’s a parallel between our world (which is visually behind the whole story, like a character itself) and Nina. NINA “is” the nature. And her journey in a corrupt ambient, evil, largely developed, with no possibility of rescue, no culture, no education is equal to the development of our world in a corrupt ambient, without culture, education.

No kingdom

In modern times there’s a huge shortage of guides, of ideals, of point of reference. Generally, there is a lack of key points. It looks as everyone must live and face life alone. The character of the mother that leaves to go and find a work, it’s a very common story everywhere. A society with no keypoints, no work: a social urgency.

The great Rapper

The initial Hani’s goal is to run away, escape and then make the big jump to USA, where to live a great rapper lifestyle: going to NYC, being a rap singer, a well known criminal, owning a supercar. At the beginning of the story he seems deeply embedded with this culture. When the story comes to the end, his myths will be a lot more reorganized.

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Emiliano Galigani

Emiliano Galigani

Born in 1973, He studied Movie & Production in Bologna, and after several experiences in the movie industry and theatre as light & sound engineer, stage manager, production assistant, he got involved in TV production, (executive production of two television series) and film production (production assistant, among the others, of “The triumph of love”, produced by Bernardo Bertolucci, directed by Claire Peploe, with Mira Sorvino and Ben Kingsley). In 2001, he built up a Theatrical and Cinematographic Production Company, Metropolis. From 2002 to 2009, wrote and directed various subjects, screenplays, plays and musicals, including “Faber Circus” (2003), “The strange case of Mr. D” (2005) and “Welcome To The Machine” (2005/2010). In 2010 he directed his first short movie, “The seventh AD” (15’). In 2012 produced and directed “the Wall live Orchestra” tour, reaching Switzerland and Germany. Also in 2012 he directed a web serias, “Mayortown”. In 2013, back into the teather production, he directed the Italian tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. In 2014 he directed his first feature movie, “The Image”. “Homewards” is his second feature movie.


The on the road movie

The movie’s aim’s to speak at a worldwide audience.
In Homewards the landscape is an essential component of the story to describe the state of mind of the characters.




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