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Preview of Paperman in Lucca!


The documentary Paperman: Beyond Boundaries, produced by Metropolis Produzioni and directed by Domenico Zazzara, will be screened for the first time in Lucca on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 at 9 pm at Cinema Astra. The screening of the film will be held in collaboration with Cineforum Ezechiele 25.17 and is part of the March program. All the production members will be present in the room together with the director, who will introduce the film and will be available for a Q&A.

The film is supported by the Toscana Film Commission as part of the Tuscany Contemporary Senses for Cinema Program and supported by the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation and the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation. Special thanks to the sales agent Berta Film and Lucca Biennale.



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