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A summer's eve

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Feature Movie
Production: Metropolis
Genre: Bittersweet Comedy
Setting: Tuscany


A deserted seaside village. Just a few days before summer. Georgia - in the midst of adolescence - arrives with her mother Helen, to pass the 10 days holiday period in a Bathhouse. In the same place Hans, an old misanthropic widower, secretly addicted to heroin, pass his days along with his small dog, Shakespeare. The meeting between Georgia and Hans takes place on the day when Helen forces Georgia out of her torpor and from her room. Georgia skating by the walk, clashes with Hans, off balance from her skateboard, and drops the old man with a jar he’s carrying, which is for him the only mean of communication with his heroin pusher. The breaking of the jar will mark the beginning of a frantic search to find heroin, leading Hans to be beaten and abandoned in the street by two thugs. At the Bathhouse the relationship between Georgia and her mother gets worse, caused mainly by the licentiousness of Helen, recently divorced. The day after Georgia finds in an openair market a jar equal to the one she broke, and decides to buy, wrap it in a red box, and seek the old man’s house, thereby earning his gratitude. The relationship between Georgia and Hans thereby starts in his house that cradles their friendship, as they are united by a common fragility that serves to both as a communication channel. Summer is approaching and the first vacationers arrives to the Bathhouse - archetypes of summer animals, including the family of Lawrence, 17, of which Georgia falls madly in love, but she’s too timid to be able to establish a relationship with the boy. The “great exodus” falls through the speeches and newspapers, to mark the first day of summer.

Time passes, Hans becomes a mentor for Georgia, and - vice versa - the girl, with her vitality reminds him the old fragments of his past life 

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