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Storytelling or die

There is something that does not convince me yet. Doing this job is a choice, no doubt. It is wrong that the only aim is money. We're not from Holliwood. It is clear likewise that this job brings a series of personal matters, family problems, financial difficulties, along with wealth and psychological problems.

99% of the cases mankind looks at you like you were an alien living in a world of fools. The supposed fools you live with, look at you as if you were a confident, a solver, an analyst. Your wife treats you like a momentary appearence in a sea of absence. Yesterday your daughters were beginning to have their baby food but now are asking you for their pocket money and are breaking up with their boyfriends. Meanwhile the time you take to tell the story you chose would pass among trials, curses and swears. And this not exactly flattering list works for everyone: the producers, the directors, all the cinema creators.

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