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Storytelling or die

  • Published in Metropolis

There is something that does not convince me yet. Doing this job is a choice, no doubt. It is wrong that the only aim is money. We're not from Holliwood. It is clear likewise that this job brings a series of personal matters, family problems, financial difficulties, along with wealth and psychological problems.

99% of the cases mankind looks at you like you were an alien living in a world of fools. The supposed fools you live with, look at you as if you were a confident, a solver, an analyst. Your wife treats you like a momentary appearence in a sea of absence. Yesterday your daughters were beginning to have their baby food but now are asking you for their pocket money and are breaking up with their boyfriends. Meanwhile the time you take to tell the story you chose would pass among trials, curses and swears. And this not exactly flattering list works for everyone: the producers, the directors, all the cinema creators.

So why all these people, there at the Cannes market?

What kind of insane masochism makes all of them choose the life they chose? Cannes is the place where thousands of representatives belonging to the above mentioned, suffering cathegory met: producers, screenplay writers, directors and so on, behind the red carpet, on wich only parades the 1% of this industry that creates the 100% of all the desire. These people talk about stories. They search for stories. They sell stories. They tell each other stories. And every story is told and presented as if it was the best. During the greatest festivals the films one can buy are five to six thousand. They must be sold and told. Just as many are the films that are going to be presented even though they do not exist yet. A great bulk to tell. And maybe this is the key. Storytelling. This human activity is probably the true essence of every man. A story exists under many shapes. Everywhere, on a screen, through the informal exchanges between two people, in the way of dressing, in someone's manners, in the cration of a brand, in the myth that wrappes up cinema. Everything is storytelling. In the exact moment we are establishing a relationship (or we think we will have one ) we are dealing with an audience. And so we tell stories everywhere, any time, thinking of a potential audience that is acknowledging or that will acknowledge them. It always happens in every human expression. Food is a story, fashion is a story, art and culture are obviously a story. We can't help it. It is deep rooted within every man. And the seventh art is the most complex way to tell stories.

We are here to do it by the most elaborate means to manage: cinema. 

I will soon be in Los Angeles for the American Film Market, so stay tuned! 

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