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The Croisette makes the difference

  • Published in Metropolis

I'm passing quietly through several human classes. I am going to the most fashionable and elegant festival in the world. There are those wearing smoking and sunglasses ( many) placed around the red carpets, the crime scene of the festival. Soon Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth will parade with dark faces for the Grace premiere. Maybe they already feel it will be a flop. Then there are those who desperately search for a ticket, possibly a last minute one to get to see a movie no one will remember. This group of people is big, too, and they are all piled up at the barriers, armed with cameras, mobiles or ipads, even though they will be able to portray only the necks of the people in front of them.


Following there is an average class, the one I belong to. We are marked with a badge, a sort of ID plate with a photo – you get a picture taken when you arrive. The badge allows you to go anywhere, to the shows as well as to the market. We are invisible, and we all have one common goal: to create the next movie or to place one we already have in store. We are many, as well. Producers mainly, but also writers and directors (a few of them, to tell the truth), sales agents and distributors. This flood makes up the business part. Our belief is building connections. Like a mantra. Connections, realtionships, they are all to us. You are supposed to do an “elevator pitch” at 8. Be prepared to do it in less than 30 seconds. If you find out that in the end you told your story to the delivery guy, never mind, it's all useful. Just leave him your business card anyway. Maybe he's delivering the newspapers to the right backer, and so caught by a sudden impulse he will tell your story and give the backer your business card. With a great difference from the Berlin festival, here everything goes on with a more relaxed mood. Whereas the berlinale is more like a constant run with strict schedules, where every detail seems to push in the direction of some military code of behaviour (for heaven's sake, cinema is always magic), being at the croisette is almost like being at the Bahamas. It might be the for season, or for the breeze of the sea, yet here we are. Cannes allows you to have an aperitif while looking far away to that huge machine starting up, and after all this makes the difference.

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