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Behind the scenes of the Imago

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Glasshouse, a London street in the small, medieval town of Sillico.

Cinema has a magic touch, cinema changes things. In the district of Pieve Fosciana, on a peak, lies Sillico, a medieval village. It is immersed in a charming quietness one can find only on the top of a mountain surrounded by breathtaking greenery. There are not many inhabitants, considering the town's dimensions, but they are all wonderfully friendly! This little town with its tiny, quiet streets and its houses bound toghether with a connection made of stones let in for an entire month a very busy film crew


 unit last november. Among the many reasons why cinema is considered a sort of magical art there's the fact that it is capable of transforming places. To choose a particular location means to choose a real place and make it fictional. The characters of The Imago move in an imaginary London, at the end of 19th century. Or, that is, -not to say too much about the movie- a poor, dirty, miserable city, full  of sordid men who are easy to corrupt. The protagonist, the misterious Charles Dee sinks more and more into depravation, after having discovered a photography shop (really fascinating for the time) in the fictional Glasshouse street. It is set in a particular street in Sillico, the one going around Palazzo Carli (another location of the film: one of its halls was magnificently decorated in order to become Mr Dee's drawing room)


It took a great scenic work to make Glasshouse street look like a London slum: the street became dirty and wet; straw and weeds spread all around just to hid what was not supposed to be seen; meanwhile rotten barrels and tables filled the empty spaces. And the “Niepce Photography” signboard was leaning on the shop's wall. Shooting went on mainly during the day, but thanks to a post- production work many pictures immersed in the daylight would magically be seen under the light of the moon. All the days of work in Sillico have defined a short but nonetheless fascinating page of history: it is just a little crumb to add to the town's intimate charm.


We said it: cinema posesses a magic touch: a little towun in the Garfagnana zone can become the dark and misterious London people could never think of.


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