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Update Covid-19 situation

The government's decree following the national emergency of COVID-19 had a strong impact on the whole Italian territory. The world of culture and production are experiencing a difficult time - like many other sectors of the national economy - but hope for a better tomorrow, civil responsibility and passion for our professions are much stronger than this virus.

This is why Metropolis joins many Italians with the movement #istayhome, continuing to carry on all our work activities from home by smart working. Metropolis also aligns itself with all associations in this field and with “CNA Cinema e Audiovisivo” in the request made to the ministry to safeguard the audiovisual sector with extraordinary measures.

Lastly, since we really can't stand still, we share a digital call for a proposal that we have received. We ask anyone, who wants to do so, to join us in the creation of a documentary that narrates the particular period we are experiencing: a mosaic film, a collective work, a kaleidoscope of visions. Giving full freedom to the filmmakers as regards subjects and methods of shooting, we ask you to send us at a pre-selection of your shot with WeTransfer of a maximum duration of 20 minutes, attaching a card with a brief description of the shot itself, with annotation on the shooting location / places and on the date. Let's join to narrate this unique historical moment, let's capture what we see, transforming it into an artistic incentive for those who, like us, live for cinema.



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