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Who we are

9 Muse Films is a production company, 


Everything today's cinema; the only thing that changes is how you see it. Gore Vidal

 Metropolis was founded in Tuscany in 2001, and works internationally. 

Main production area is Cinema & Theater.

Metropolis also organizes the Biennial of contemporary paper art Cartasia since 2004.

The new production tools, a modern access with no predefined scheme, the "think out of the box" philosophy, represents to us the path to follow. There fore we are constantly looking for new ways to use the narrative potential of Cinema. We're not just experimenting, we want to take the boundaries of the language a step further.


Web, cinema e theater sometimes melt their language. There are no more boundaries and the same concept of division is old and dead. To tell a story. That's the only privilege and responsability we have.






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